Pets Prepare Us for Parenthood

Responsible pet owners are well aware of the number of obligations involved in proper caretaking of their furry friend. Most of these responsibilities, if not all of them, make a great practice for taking care of a new human addition to one’s family. No one says that a baby should be compared to a pet, and there’s nothing that can fully prepare you for a life-changing event such as a newborn child. However, taking a good and dedicated care of a pet is definitely a start in forming the caring routines and habits for future parents.

Sunset walk time

Pets teach responsibility

Once you get yourself a pet, you wouldn’t dream of leaving it unattended and alone. You’ll definitely start to schedule all your activities around your animal companion, so that it wouldn’t feel any sort of neglect. For example, even going out for a drink with your friends could create the feeling of guilt, while leaving town without securing a pet-sitter first would be unimaginable.

Puppy mess!

Mess will irritate you less

Pets can make a lot of mess, especially those that are kept indoors. Everyone knows that shouting or god forbid, a physical punishment, are not the answer. Therefore, dealing with your messy pal in a friendly manner will make you more patient and less irritable for later (messier) occasions in life.

You’re the food source

Even though it’s hard to get used to being the only food source for your pet in the beginning, after a while, there’ll be no way for you to forget to feed your pet. You’ll have to pay a great deal of attention to the kind of food they can eat and their meal schedules, which is a good practice for those demanding baby feeding hours.

wakey wakey!

Welcome the sleep disruption

There’s no way a pet will keep you awake at night as much as a baby would, but you will still get some insight in what’s it like to lose your sleep for someone else and still feel like it’s worth it. For example, dogs sometimes bark in the middle of the night and you’ll have to take them outside early in the morning, while cats will shamelessly take up your bed spot or even climb on top of your head if they want food.

Pets want your attention

There’s no saying no to your pet. Even if you’re tired and just want to relax you’ll still have to find the energy to play with, and pet, your animal companions. This is especially true for dogs. They need constant attention, which can serve you well as preparation for something that’s going to be several times more demanding.

play time

Pets need a lot of stuff

Anyone who thinks that water and food bowls and a sleeping pillow is all that a pet requires, is greatly wrong. Different kinds of foods and treats together with various training accessories, grooming tools and products, toys, health supplements, etc. will become a regular part of your shopping list. So, one can pretty well imagine the number of things a small child would need.

You need to discipline them

Experience one might get from disciplining their pet can really come in handy, when you have to put all your knowledge and energy into disciplining a kid. Potty training, exhausting as it is, will seem easy when you realize it’s time to deal with the behavioral problems.

The notion of having someone entirely dependent on you is both satisfying and frightening. Those two feelings will mix a lot once the baby comes. Don’t worry though – gratification and happiness you get from providing a great life for another living creature will overwhelm anything else at the end of a day.

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