The Beginning of the End?

By Minna Talberg If I were a media strategist, I would have done it on purpose. Adelinde Cornelissen couldn’t have hoped for better luck than the [false] rumour spreading like wildfire: That her horse Parzival had suffered a hairline fracture to the jaw which caused the need for the rider to pull up in the middle of the Grand Prix in Rio.

Pets Prepare Us for Parenthood

Responsible pet owners are well aware of the number of obligations involved in proper caretaking of their furry friend. Most of these responsibilities, if not all of them, make a great practice for taking care of a new human addition to one’s family. No one says that a baby should be compared to a pet, and there’s nothing that can fully prepare you for a life-changing event such as a newborn child. However, taking a good and dedicated care of a pet is definitely a start in forming the caring routines and habits for future parents.

Liz Halliday-Sharps’ Thoughts on Why

Following another death in the sport of eventing this year, this time of Liz Halliday-Sharp’ horse HHS Cooley when competing in the CIC*** at Burgham Horse Trials, UK, on 31st July, calls for a serious discussion into the safety of the sport are again being made.  More than just discussion, we need action and implementation.  It was raised in a conversation I was having just yesterday the opinion that courses are being designed to “trick” the riders, but not taking into account how horses see or perceive depth.  While riders have multiple chances to walk and analyse the course, it’s…

[VIDEO] Life After Racing

“Wastage” is the term used to describe the number of horses exiting the racing industry, either before or after their actual racing career.  It’s a sticking point for the industry, and one reason why it often comes under fire from activists and welfare groups.  There are a large number of re-homing and re-training professional or not for profit organisations who are devoted to reducing this number. It’s great that these organisations are there, and that the racing industry is involved in supporting them.  Here’s a story from the famous Godolphin stables in the UK about how they are actively approaching…

Greyhound Racing- An Insider’s Perspective

Editor: I know this is a controversial topic, and I know heated debate is raging on both sides.  I came across this very passionate but considered post on social media from a young man, Bradley Eberand, who is actively involved in the greyhound racing industry in NSW and asked for his permission to share it here.   I am someone who is heavily involved in the Greyhound Industry. I hold a participants license, and am actively involved in racing, breeding, and training greyhounds. It is with a very heavy heart and in a completely deflated state I am writing this piece.

In Response to “The Punishment of Positive Only” Article

I recently read an article that was titled “The Punishment of Positive Only” and was very intrigued by the title. I’m always keen to learn something new and I think it is always interesting to see other perspectives. My concern with the article is that the author doesn’t really seem to understand what a punishment is or how to implement them effectively. A punishment in dog training terms is just something or an outcome that is designed to reduce the likelihood of the preceding behaviour occurring again.

Equestrian Sport has a Marketing Problem

I came across this article on social media this week, and as it’s a topic we’ve discussed here on FourPlusTwo before (“Why is Marketing Equestrian Sports so Damn Hard?”) I wanted to share the link here for you guys as well. HorseNetwork is a great blog site, and not afraid of asking the harder questions! They did a great interview with retired media-relations expert Jayne Huddleston to ask what it’ll take for horse sport to break the mainstream media barrier.

Unconscious Incompetence and Wilful Ignorance

I was recently talking to a life coach about an interesting theory known as the four stages of competence. A subject highly related to the practice of horsemanship. I won’t go into great details here about all the stages of competence, but want to focus specifically on the first stage – Unconscious Incompetence. Every horseperson goes through this stage at the start of their journey. But the tragedy is that a great majority of horse people (amateur horse owners as well as professional trainers and instructors) will never actually leave this stage.

Why training The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan’s way is dangerous

The Dog whisperer Cesar Millan has been a hit on National Geographic for over 10 years now. His rise to stardom has seen him release several books, and he is the star of 3 TV shows. All these shows and books are centered around his philosophy on dog training and behaviour. His show is also broadcasted in more than 80 countries – he is basically the face of modern dog training. And yet his methods are so outdated. Like many other people when I first watched the dog whisperer – maybe 8 years ago or so – my response was…

10 Reasons You Should Buy Your Daughter a Horse!

Sorry Mums and Dads of the world, but I’m about to make your life difficult. I am such a believer in the fact that growing up around horses is just the best upbringing, for so many reasons! It’s character building, it’s healthy and I feel that it taught me so many lessons that I’ve taken with me through life and have made me a better, more well-rounded version of myself.