Dairy vs Vegan and Why I Support Our Dairy Farmers

{Trigger warning: this article discusses mental health issues and suicide}

It’s still dark outside when you wake up. But the silence is heavy.

Your reason for waking up this early, day in and day out for the last forty years was loaded up into a truck bound for the slaughter house over a week ago.

The stock you raised from birth is gone.

All that’s left now is the mounting debt, but what’s money when there’s no work for you any more.

You only ever wanted to do an honest days work for an honest days pay and look after your livestock and live a peaceful life.

You get out of bed anyway.

You unlock the gun cabinet and take your gun and one bullet.

That’s all you’ll need.

Putting on your boots slowly and with trembling hands, you walk to the shed for the last time.

This walk is taken with a lifetime of memories surrounding you.

You hear the birds starting to sing as the sun starts to rise and you see empty paddock after empty paddock.

Everything is empty, your heart, your bank account and you’re empty of hope.

Everything is empty except the chamber in the gun.

Placing it under your chin, you squeeze the trigger….


Our dairy farmers are in crisis.

This is something I posted on my Facebook page about this:

And you may be wondering what this has to do with the animals themselves, seeing as this site is about animals not politics.

Well a lot.

I am so fired up I am willing to unfriend people on Facebook over this issue.

Lets look at the cows for a moment.

For every farmer that goes under or even worse suicides we could be looking at between 500 to 2000 milking cows being sold off.

Where do you think they go?

They don’t get retired they get shipped of to the stockyards and most end up being slaughtered.

We lose a farmer and his family on the land, we lose future generations ability to purchase fresh locally made produce, small towns lose industry and not to mention the cows themselves.

Having grown up in a rural area I can see both sides of arguments around compassionate farming practices, Big Ag and what has happened when big corporations become more concerned with profit than care.

I’m not heartless.

I have also seen life on the land. Farmers that actually care for the stock they raise, pouring their blood sweat and tears into their work, doing it tough and putting their animals first.

If we don’t fight for our agriculture now and we sell out to the Chinese our animals will potentially be in a worse off state.

I’ve heard mixed reports about animal husbandry and standards over seas.

Do you really want to risk the food supply of the future generations?

To live in this beautiful land but existing on cheap, poor quality imported foods? (Like I said this isn’t just about dairy)

For the people saying all the dairy farmers should just shut up shop because they think that dairy is cruel, ummm seriously it’s not that easy.

Jumping on posts and saying your glad farmers are dying, showing no compassion yet demanding that people choose to display compassion on your terms?

This is why most people cringe when someone says they’re vegan. Judgement and holier than thou attitudes and perceptions being forced upon people, its annoying especially when it comes from a Google search and no real life experience.

Guilt and shame wont motivate people to change.

If you want compassion, show it.

Also think about the fate of the livestock if you can’t think compassionately towards the farmers themselves.

No diary farms, no cows.

The cows are big losers in all this: the cows’ lives are lost.

This is a big complex issue that calls for long-term thought and short-term care.

For all lives involved.


Editor’s Note:  To find out more, and hear the stories from dairy farmers and their families, you might also want to watch this short story from The Project this week: http://tenplay.com.au/channel-ten/the-project/top-stories-may-2016/extra-counsellors-for-vic-dairy-farmers


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  1. Vegetarians and vegans really show their true colours in some of their heartless comments.does their diet cause them to lack any moral compass or even common decency? Makes me wonder.

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