On Dogs, Disappointment, Dilemmas and Decisions

The Dog When I volunteered to raise an Assistance Dog puppy I thought I had prepared myself for the job at hand.  It wasn’t a job as such. It was a journey of learning and professional enhancement that I wanted to pursue. I have a special interest in Assistant Dogs. I have shared a home with a fully trained Assistance Dog. My background as a physiotherapist has given me insight into the physical limitations imposed upon so many people with various movement, pain related and physical restrictions to the extent that I wanted to explore first-hand how dogs were trained…

10 Reasons You Should Buy Your Daughter a Horse!

Sorry Mums and Dads of the world, but I’m about to make your life difficult. I am such a believer in the fact that growing up around horses is just the best upbringing, for so many reasons! It’s character building, it’s healthy and I feel that it taught me so many lessons that I’ve taken with me through life and have made me a better, more well-rounded version of myself.

“The Most Surreal Photo I’ll Ever Have Taken”

This photo and the story that goes with it was eaten by the internet, until I stumbled across it this morning- and boy, and I glad I did!  Here is the story of Ainsley Daniela’s Precious Memory: “This is a photo of me and my dog Charlotte. A seemingly ordinary selfie. Back in September 2014, I was in the UK after a breakup, when I got a message from my ex saying she’d shot my dog. Apparently it was deserved, she was running amok.

“He Really is My Everything”

This is the first of a new photo series for FourPlusTwo, where you can share the memories that surround your favourite photos of your beloved animals. From Beth Noble:  “This is one of my all time favourite photo’s. Taken when my daughter was only two, it perfectly captures the softness that they have for each other. I love his closed eyes, her hands on his muzzle, the softness in his face and how she is reaching on her toes to kiss his nose. This horse is really is my everything.