Dairy vs Vegan and Why I Support Our Dairy Farmers

{Trigger warning: this article discusses mental health issues and suicide} It’s still dark outside when you wake up. But the silence is heavy. Your reason for waking up this early, day in and day out for the last forty years was loaded up into a truck bound for the slaughter house over a week ago. The stock you raised from birth is gone. All that’s left now is the mounting debt, but what’s money when there’s no work for you any more.

Royally Stuffed?

Growing up I remembered the ads on tv about looking after “All Creatures Great and Small”(did you sing that in your head? hahah) I thought the RSPCA was a marvelous and benevolent organisation that truly did care about ALL animals. Seeing images of puppies and kittens on the TV knowing that somewhere out there was a group that would stop mean people from hurting them….. it was a comfort. And maybe back then they did really care. As an adult and with the invention of the internet I began to notice a trend in what I was seeing about the…

Absent Pet-Mum and a Sick Fur Kid

For those that don’t know me personally I have spent the last four weeks in the uk. It’s always exciting to go away and meet new people and experience new things. I got to meet new cats, Flapjack and Topsy and check out the local vet when we took Flapjack to the vet for her thyroid check up. Before you go though there’s always the issue of who do you trust with your pets before you go away.

The Litter Or The Pee Pad

Here I am in the UK visiting a friend and of course he has cats. Leaving my three home was a challenge but having two here has eased my kitty withdrawals quite a lot. Upon arrival at the house I saw something that had been mentioned but not really thought about; The kitty litter trays didn’t have litter in them; they had absorbent puppy toilet training pads set up in the bottom. Now as an avid cat fan I was a little taken aback when I first heard of this. What no litter? The kitties can’t dig and bury, it’s…

Connect Paws (Feathers and Claws)

You have dog people and cat people and horse people, bird people and people who love reptiles, exotic animals and I think you get the drift. You then chunk that down into the “types of breed” people and they generally all hang out together, loving their animals and talking species/breed talk.  This can be at shows, online or at charity events. Animals connect us.

Cat Comms and Soggy Books

Messages can be clear as day or can be as clear as mud. I love my fur-kids. I can usually tell by their expression what they need. Stink eye equals feed me/clean the tray/let me or play with me, you’re not giving me enough attention! Toya is especially good at the stink eye.

Death Rant

People love to have a cause they believe in. People also love to believe that everyone is not as smart as them and needs to be told. Or that’s how it feels on the Internet some days. Do people gaze over the feed waiting for something to appear so they can get their self-righteous rant on? It seems like the vegan/animal welfare brigade does. Now before you get started on me, I love animals. I have cats and used to ride my horse as a teenager and leave water out for the bird on hot days. I just sometimes like…

Kidney for Adoption

I love my kitties, three balls of fur and teeth with three very unique purrsonalities. Kitten is my elderly gentleman kitty, who follows me and around a chatters at my quite a lot. Mainly for door service and treats but he is my shadow.

Sugar and Spice and ALL things NICE!

Sugar and Spice and all things nice, that’s what little girls are made of…. Snips and snails and puppy dog tails that what little boys are made of.   I imagine most, if not all of us have heard that poem before. Growing up I wanted a pony. I think it is a right of passage for many little girls. I also wanted am Optimus Prime transformer toy. I was young when the cartoon first hit TV screens.

Dog’gone Dog Balls!

Picture this: A warm sunny afternoon at the park. A light breeze and the energy of the day it’s fantastic. You look around and notice a man. He is in park but he is on phone. You notice he is there with a dog ball thrower but he is 100% focused on his technology. Past him is his dog, chewing the ball thrown maybe once from the ball thrower. The dog has no interaction from man who is busy on his phone, facebooking or texting or what ever. Is the man just hoping his dog will exercise himself? The dog…