Helmets- Personal Choice or Community Standards?

Every now and then something happens to stir up the helmet debate. Images like the one above always look more glamorous and romantic sans helmet.  This year, it’s the changes that are being brought about in terms of what standards are permitted at competition, and what standards no longer qualify.

Sponsorship- The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Pt 3

In Part 1 in this series on sponsorship, we looked at how a business can approach their sponsorship agreements with a more strategic mind. In part 2, I shared tips to help committees and organisers approach those businesses with a no-brainer proposal that will have business owners jumping at the chance to be involved with your event. It’s Part 3, and here we’re going to look at sponsorship from an individual’s point of view.

“The Most Surreal Photo I’ll Ever Have Taken”

This photo and the story that goes with it was eaten by the internet, until I stumbled across it this morning- and boy, and I glad I did!  Here is the story of Ainsley Daniela’s Precious Memory: “This is a photo of me and my dog Charlotte. A seemingly ordinary selfie. Back in September 2014, I was in the UK after a breakup, when I got a message from my ex saying she’d shot my dog. Apparently it was deserved, she was running amok.

Yes, I Will Tell Your Child Off

I am reluctant to ever get involved in parenting conversations with friends and family. Partially because it’s really none of my business, but mostly because I know A/ how difficult it is raising a small person at all and just keeping those little buggers alive B/ there is nothing more annoying than getting “advice” from a know-it-all with no personal experience.

Sponsorship- The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Pt 2

Last week we discussed some of the pitfalls and potential in seeking or providing sponsorship. A couple of comments on the facebook page post sharing this article went along the lines of “I hope not too many local businesses read this, or we’ll never get sponsorship for our next show”. I’m not going to apologise for writing that article, because it’s based on the cold hard reality of business. What I will do in this article, and the 3rd part is to demonstrate to you if you are an event organiser or an individual looking for sponsorships that there is…

Sponsorship: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly – Pt1

Sponsorship, it’s something that most small businesses will do in one form or another.  Often it’s to “get the name out there”, for “exposure”, to “have my products seen” or to get “celebrity endorsements”. If you are a new business, or in start up phase it can be very easy to jump in head first and sponsor EVERYTHING going- wow! look at all the exposure I’m getting!!  I know, I’ve done it in the past as well.  We all have. But- if you are in those early stages of growing your busienss, or in survival mode where every dollar counts,…

“He Really is My Everything”

This is the first of a new photo series for FourPlusTwo, where you can share the memories that surround your favourite photos of your beloved animals. From Beth Noble:  “This is one of my all time favourite photo’s. Taken when my daughter was only two, it perfectly captures the softness that they have for each other. I love his closed eyes, her hands on his muzzle, the softness in his face and how she is reaching on her toes to kiss his nose. This horse is really is my everything.

Creating an Online Presence for Your Club

How to create a DIY online presence for your Club or association for less than $200 a year. Most clubs and associations are run by a committee of volunteers- hardworking, committed believers in what their club stands for. These clubs are run as a not for profit venture, so all the monies raised by events and entry fees are more often than not reinvested straight back into more events for members. The bank balance rarely grows significantly. So what are clubs to do in order to stay in contact with members, promote their events, take bookings and manage inquiries without…

Remembering Dr Kerry Ridgway

This was first published by Cat Walker on her Foundations of Soundess Equine Therapies & Education Facebook page, 4th January 2015, and republished here with kind permission.   Since waking to the news of Dr Kerry Ridgway’s passing, I have been searching for the words to express all that is in my heart and my mind. When you meet someone you admire and get to see them up close, you realise that beyond the bubble of their reputation is their humanity.