Our Mission is to support, educate and encourage ethical animal care and treatment through improved professional standards and general knowledge in the wider public.

FourPlusTwo is your community.  If you want to be part of the movement, and join the conversation we are always looking for regular submissions, or just a one off article.  We accept articles that cover a range of topics, including: business features, product or media reviews, discussion on industry policy or practices, education on best practice, business tips and advice and more.


To Submit Your Article:

Got a story to tell, a practice to share, an insight that we all need to know about?  Or maybe you just want to rant about something that’s really got your goat this week?  FourPlusTwo welcomes articles that are conversational and entertaining or educational, submitted as a word document, between 600 – 1400 words.  Be sure to choose a punchy headline, and include your bio details and a web address if relevant.


To Become a FourPlusTwo Blogger:

Do you love writing and love sharing your thoughts with the world?  If you think you can offer regular contributions that will entertain your peers, then we’d love to hear from you.  You can blog about anything related to your pet or equine business- perhaps it’s stories of the results your clients are getting and the journey they have been on.  Maybe you want to share your own quirky insights from within your industry.  Or, maybe you want to talk about the innovations you are bringing that you know will shake things up.  Contact us and let us know why you should be a featured blogger.


To Submit Your Review:

Found a great new product, read a fab book or been on a life changing course?  We’d love to share your thoughts with our readers and your peers.  Submit your review as a word document, maximum 100 words, and be sure to include relevant links or information.

What’s important about your review will be the insights that you can offer, on why your peers should check it out for themselves, or why they should AVOID it!  Please Contact Us with your submission.  email: submissions@fourplustwo.com.au



So, what now?

After submission, you will hear from the editor within a week if your article has been accepted, or if any changes need to be made to it before it is published.  (your article may be edited for clarity and to fit the word count requirements)


Conditions and Editorial Policy:

  • Your article needs to be original (we will check) and not published anywhere else.  If it is an article you have previously published on your own blog, you will need to include explicit permission for it to be republished and promoted by FourPlusTwo.
  • Controversial or opinion based articles are welcome in the spirit of encouraging debate and innovation in the industry. However, slander, bullying or unsubstantiated accusations or arguments will not be published.
  • Please send your article as a Word document only, with minimal formatting and not embedded images or links.
  • If there are links within the body of your article, please include the link next to the text you want as the link – please do not embed the link within Word.
  • If you have an image in mind to use as the featured image for your article, please submit that as a separate file, as close to 1MB in size as possible. If no image is submitted, we will choose the featured image for your post. If there are any specific images to be included in the post itself, (illustrating exercises, or demonstrating a practice for example) please attach them to your email around 1MB in size, as a jpg as preference.
  • If your article references companies or entities in which you have a vested interest, please disclose this to the audience in your article.  We can include links back to your business in the article, but only 1 link per article is standard.
  • If published, you will receive your own author box below your post. Please include a brief biography, (less than 100 words) link to your website and any social media profiles you want to list, plus a recent headshot photo.
  • You retain full copyright of your article as the author, but FourPlusTwo may reprint the article with full attribution in our marketing materials and future issues.
  • We do not pay guest posters for their occasional contributions. For professional writers or those with ideas for a regular column, please contact us to discuss the possibility of payment.