[VIDEO] Stories of Greatness: Boyd Martin, Three-Day Eventer

If you haven’t heard the Boyd and Silva Martin story yet, get a cup of tea and a box of tissues ready.  Boyd grew up in Australia and moved to the states to pursue his career as an professional event rider, and took up citizenship with the USA.  He’s now a regular USA Team member at international competitions, including the most recent Olympics. This video was created by the Martin’s sponsors, Purina, and tells an inspiring story of perseverance, dedication, talent and love.  Enjoy!

What’s Happened to Good Horsemanship?

By Ross Jacobs Most of my clinics are attended by people with a wide range of experience and interests. As well as many amateur and occasional riders I often meet very experienced horse people at my clinics. Many have been riding most of their life. Some have even competed successfully at a high level in various disciplines. I get a smattering of trainers from various horse sports. A few have been judges in various disciplines such as dressage or jumping, reining, halter breed classes etc. These are people will a lot of experience and many skills in their chosen field.…

Meeting the Needs of the Modern Day Dog

Rewind the clock back 30 years. Most of us didn’t have front fences and lived on ¼ acre blocks, Mum’s were domestic Goddesses, kids didn’t have electronic equipment, work hours were more predictable and shorter ….. and what about our dogs? I honestly have no idea what my dogs did! I know they followed us to school and were waiting for us after school. We’d get home, throw our bags down, get on our bikes and good old ‘Fido’ would follow us kids to the park then come home with us for dinner. But where was faithful ‘Fido’ during the…

The Beginning of the End?

By Minna Talberg If I were a media strategist, I would have done it on purpose. Adelinde Cornelissen couldn’t have hoped for better luck than the [false] rumour spreading like wildfire: That her horse Parzival had suffered a hairline fracture to the jaw which caused the need for the rider to pull up in the middle of the Grand Prix in Rio.

Pets Prepare Us for Parenthood

Responsible pet owners are well aware of the number of obligations involved in proper caretaking of their furry friend. Most of these responsibilities, if not all of them, make a great practice for taking care of a new human addition to one’s family. No one says that a baby should be compared to a pet, and there’s nothing that can fully prepare you for a life-changing event such as a newborn child. However, taking a good and dedicated care of a pet is definitely a start in forming the caring routines and habits for future parents.

Liz Halliday-Sharps’ Thoughts on Why

Following another death in the sport of eventing this year, this time of Liz Halliday-Sharp’ horse HHS Cooley when competing in the CIC*** at Burgham Horse Trials, UK, on 31st July, calls for a serious discussion into the safety of the sport are again being made.  More than just discussion, we need action and implementation.  It was raised in a conversation I was having just yesterday the opinion that courses are being designed to “trick” the riders, but not taking into account how horses see or perceive depth.  While riders have multiple chances to walk and analyse the course, it’s…