Featured Business: Canine Cuddles

What does it take to open and start your own pet care business?  Sarah Goldberg is about to take her years of experience in managing and running childcare centers and start her own dog day care center in Balcatta, Western Australia. The location will have an indoor and outdoor area, with spaces for puppies, a rest area, different sizes dogs and interlocking fences to ensure everything is planned and safe. Meet Sarah, from Canine Cuddles.

Dairy vs Vegan and Why I Support Our Dairy Farmers

{Trigger warning: this article discusses mental health issues and suicide} It’s still dark outside when you wake up. But the silence is heavy. Your reason for waking up this early, day in and day out for the last forty years was loaded up into a truck bound for the slaughter house over a week ago. The stock you raised from birth is gone. All that’s left now is the mounting debt, but what’s money when there’s no work for you any more.

The Overweight Horse Who Won’t Stop Eating

Your horse is overweight. You’ve been told to feed him a lot less hay and you’re desperately trying to do the right thing. But it won’t work! It won’t work for your horse any more than a strict diet would work for people. We have known this for years when it comes to human obesity. The reason is simple – dieting restricts calories, which lowers the metabolic rate. Weight loss may occur at first, but the body goes into “survival mode” and starts to hold on to fat and becomes sluggish in burning calories, making it extremely easy to put all…

Sponsorship- The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Pt 3

In Part 1 in this series on sponsorship, we looked at how a business can approach their sponsorship agreements with a more strategic mind. In part 2, I shared tips to help committees and organisers approach those businesses with a no-brainer proposal that will have business owners jumping at the chance to be involved with your event. It’s Part 3, and here we’re going to look at sponsorship from an individual’s point of view.

Freak Riding Accident? Hardly

The horse world has lost some good riders in the last few weeks. Sadly, it happens all too often. Horses can be unpredictable and people get hurt. Some of it is unavoidable and some of it is totally preventable.

Royally Stuffed?

Growing up I remembered the ads on tv about looking after “All Creatures Great and Small”(did you sing that in your head? hahah) I thought the RSPCA was a marvelous and benevolent organisation that truly did care about ALL animals. Seeing images of puppies and kittens on the TV knowing that somewhere out there was a group that would stop mean people from hurting them….. it was a comfort. And maybe back then they did really care. As an adult and with the invention of the internet I began to notice a trend in what I was seeing about the…