What’s Wrong with a Bucket and Sponge?

It’s a sight we see at many a horse event – hot, sweaty horses standing in line waiting for their turn at the wash bays. Debatably, it’s a great time for your horse to have a pick of grass and you a chat to your friend or debrief your round with a loved one, but what is happening on the inside of your horse? While he may appear to be enjoying a pick of grass as he waits his turn for a wash, on the inside his temperature is rising and every degree counts. If a horse’s body temperature rises…

“The Most Surreal Photo I’ll Ever Have Taken”

This photo and the story that goes with it was eaten by the internet, until I stumbled across it this morning- and boy, and I glad I did!  Here is the story of Ainsley Daniela’s Precious Memory: “This is a photo of me and my dog Charlotte. A seemingly ordinary selfie. Back in September 2014, I was in the UK after a breakup, when I got a message from my ex saying she’d shot my dog. Apparently it was deserved, she was running amok.

Absent Pet-Mum and a Sick Fur Kid

For those that don’t know me personally I have spent the last four weeks in the uk. It’s always exciting to go away and meet new people and experience new things. I got to meet new cats, Flapjack and Topsy and check out the local vet when we took Flapjack to the vet for her thyroid check up. Before you go though there’s always the issue of who do you trust with your pets before you go away.

Contact and Dexterity- Part 5 The Rider Training Scale

As equestrian enthusiasts we should all understand the principles of riding and the training scale for the development and education of our horses. What is not often discussed is that there is also a ridden scale of training that assists rider progression in the development of an independent seat.

I Once Snipped the Knuckle Off a Labradoodle’s Front Right Foot

There, I’ve said it. Obviously it was an accident but… It’s a horrible thing to hurt a dog and it’s something that we groomers have to deal with every working day. ‘What if today’s the day?’ is a question that I sometimes – less often as the years go on thankfully – ask myself. Happily it’s been many years since I’ve cut a dog, touch wood (wait does that even work with the written word??!) but the incident with Lex was a valuable lesson in learning to say NO to my clients. For instance, I should have said NO when…

The Litter Or The Pee Pad

Here I am in the UK visiting a friend and of course he has cats. Leaving my three home was a challenge but having two here has eased my kitty withdrawals quite a lot. Upon arrival at the house I saw something that had been mentioned but not really thought about; The kitty litter trays didn’t have litter in them; they had absorbent puppy toilet training pads set up in the bottom. Now as an avid cat fan I was a little taken aback when I first heard of this. What no litter? The kitties can’t dig and bury, it’s…