Going Pro- Working Full Time With Dogs Making A Real Living

Do you want to work with dogs full time, but can’t see how? Do you struggle part time, telling yourself you’ll keep the other job just until the training really takes off? It’s a common refrain. Coaching and supporting dog businesses for a living, I’ve seen every kind of business model and every type of owner, from wildly successful full-timers to weekend hobbyists. Mostly, though, dog pros work part or full time at other jobs, and run a dog business on the side, hoping it will one day support them.

Coordination- Part 4 The Rider Training Scale

As equestrian enthusiasts we should all understand the principles of riding and the training scale for the development and education of our horses. What is not often discussed is that there is also a ridden scale of training that assists rider progression in the development of an independent seat.

Sponsorship: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly – Pt1

Sponsorship, it’s something that most small businesses will do in one form or another.  Often it’s to “get the name out there”, for “exposure”, to “have my products seen” or to get “celebrity endorsements”. If you are a new business, or in start up phase it can be very easy to jump in head first and sponsor EVERYTHING going- wow! look at all the exposure I’m getting!!  I know, I’ve done it in the past as well.  We all have. But- if you are in those early stages of growing your busienss, or in survival mode where every dollar counts,…

Connect Paws (Feathers and Claws)

You have dog people and cat people and horse people, bird people and people who love reptiles, exotic animals and I think you get the drift. You then chunk that down into the “types of breed” people and they generally all hang out together, loving their animals and talking species/breed talk.  This can be at shows, online or at charity events. Animals connect us.

Running Performance Horses in Herds

I wouldn’t exactly call it a ‘herd’, but running my high level event horses together was initially a pretty big leap of faith. Luckily, the benefits have proven to be well worth the white knuckles and hair-greying of the initial meeting! We didn’t just chuck them all out together of course, but it is still nerve-racking when keeping horses separately has become so naturalized over the years – despite it being so much more natural for them to live together. Horses are extremely tactile creatures. They are always together, playing, bumping each other, quietly driving each other around the paddock…

Stop Coaching, Start Training

The Case for Day Training We trainers often feel frustrated by unfinished cases and low client compliance—endemic issues in our industry—leading us to describe owners as lazy, uncommitted, unskilled, uncaring, cheap. Alternately, we internalize the failure and blame poor results on our own shortcomings. Neither explanation is fair nor helpful. We have learned to stop blaming the dog and just get on with training him. It’s time to leave behind feeling guilty and reproaching clients, pinpoint the true problems, and focus on solutions. Coaching is the Culprit The heart of the trouble is our coaching approach, our religious insistence on…

“He Really is My Everything”

This is the first of a new photo series for FourPlusTwo, where you can share the memories that surround your favourite photos of your beloved animals. From Beth Noble:  “This is one of my all time favourite photo’s. Taken when my daughter was only two, it perfectly captures the softness that they have for each other. I love his closed eyes, her hands on his muzzle, the softness in his face and how she is reaching on her toes to kiss his nose. This horse is really is my everything.