Creating an Online Presence for Your Club

How to create a DIY online presence for your Club or association for less than $200 a year. Most clubs and associations are run by a committee of volunteers- hardworking, committed believers in what their club stands for. These clubs are run as a not for profit venture, so all the monies raised by events and entry fees are more often than not reinvested straight back into more events for members. The bank balance rarely grows significantly. So what are clubs to do in order to stay in contact with members, promote their events, take bookings and manage inquiries without…

Cat Comms and Soggy Books

Messages can be clear as day or can be as clear as mud. I love my fur-kids. I can usually tell by their expression what they need. Stink eye equals feed me/clean the tray/let me or play with me, you’re not giving me enough attention! Toya is especially good at the stink eye.

Death Rant

People love to have a cause they believe in. People also love to believe that everyone is not as smart as them and needs to be told. Or that’s how it feels on the Internet some days. Do people gaze over the feed waiting for something to appear so they can get their self-righteous rant on? It seems like the vegan/animal welfare brigade does. Now before you get started on me, I love animals. I have cats and used to ride my horse as a teenager and leave water out for the bird on hot days. I just sometimes like…

Rhythm- Part 3 The Rider Training Scale

As equestrian enthusiasts, we should all understand the principles of riding and the training scale for the development and education of our horses. What is not often discussed is that there is also a ridden scale of training that assists rider progression in the development of an independent seat. Over the next few months I hope to explain and break down the Rider Training Scale from a physiotherapy perspective giving you insight into becoming a more effective and efficient rider.

Dog Trainers Must Train the Clients

Most trainers agree that working with clients is the most important—and most challenging—part of the job. Even when the trainer does the training in board and train or day training situations, the work with the client remains the central ingredient to success. Transferring complex skills and understanding to a human is tremendously more involved than employing the laws of operant and classical conditioning to train a dog. It’s no wonder, then, that it is this part of our work that trainers most often struggle with.

Remembering Dr Kerry Ridgway

This was first published by Cat Walker on her Foundations of Soundess Equine Therapies & Education Facebook page, 4th January 2015, and republished here with kind permission.   Since waking to the news of Dr Kerry Ridgway’s passing, I have been searching for the words to express all that is in my heart and my mind. When you meet someone you admire and get to see them up close, you realise that beyond the bubble of their reputation is their humanity.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet Business

The start of a new year is a hectic time for your pet business, but it’s also a great time to make strong resolutions that are going to help your business to improve. You might have many goals in mind already, such as gaining new customers, learning new things, and networking. When making resolutions, you need to focus on what is going to help your business to grow, no matter what field of the pet industry you are in. Sometimes though, it’s difficult to decide which resolutions are going to benefit your business the most. There are 5 resolutions that…