Our Sport is Extraordinary

My sport- Eventing- is extraordinary. It’s ingredients are unique – there is the connection, communication and bond between horse and human. We have men and woman, amateurs and professionals of all ages competing on equal terms. It’s about being versatile enough to master three different highly skilled disciplines – the fine art and grace of dressage, the extreme test of bravery, trust, endurance and speed of the cross country followed by the accuracy, agility and precision of the show jumping…all the time not only managing our own performance, nerves and fitness levels but also those of our equine partners.

I Did a Bad Thing

We were on the floor with two little bundles of absolute joy. Black, brown and white, big floppy ears, long waggy tails, pointy puppy teeth playing with my fingers. We’d come to choose which of these two gorgeous puppies would become a part of our little family forever, and I smiled at Mike, he smiled at me. We’d both decided on the same little girl puppy. That’s when the pet shop lady came over to ask us how we’d like to pay…

The Hidden Cost of Rescue

A soft paw reaching out to you, soulful eyes locking with yours and a plaintive meow from a sweet furry face, just melts your heart. This is why people rescue, to save those little souls and help them find warm and loving families of their own. But there is a side to rescue that many never speak of, that many of us do not know exists. Just how far would you go to save lives?

Featured Business: Manners and More

Stories from other business owners like you, to share their inspirations, challenges and triumphs! We’re looking at the puppies this week, and hearing from Colleen O’Dea from Manners & More Companion Dog Training.  Here’s her story, and how she ended up somewhere she didn’t really expect- with a business she loves: